About Us

Mipa Australia is the countries exclusive importer for the Mipa range.
Mipa Germany was established in 1948, this company has more than 100 years of history in manufacturing lacquers and paints.  Today their product range consists of car, industrial and construction paints servicing more than 90 countries across the world.
Mipa Australia began in 1998, when Bill's brother Michael was visiting his homeland of Greece and was offered a position with Mipa SE. He looked at the paint and saw that it was an excellent product, but had to reject the offer as he was returning to Australia, but was delighted to sign up to a distribution in Australia.
The two brothers began modestly with an old shed in their backyard and an ex Australian post van, which they loaded with clear and began driving around to local body shops trying to sell it. Their first customer was Street image accident repair centre he bought a can out of curiosity telling them he would give it a try and an honest opinion. When the brothers came back a week later they were please to hear they had liked the product very much and wanted to continue purchasing the Mipa Clear. 
That early door-to -door personal approach won Mipa many customers, and the business grew. They bought a warehouse Boronia and then the warehouse next door also as demand began to exceed capacity. Part of the demand was for research and development to ensure Mipa paint suited Australian conditions and colour requirements.
Mipa has its own laboratory in Melbourne. There they prepare formulations for local cars that are not seen in Europe as well as for vehicles in the South East Asian, South African and New Zealand markets. That laboratory now has extensive feedback into Mipa's work in Europe and the products they produce.
Today this ever expanding and fast growing business is run by Bill's two sons Arthur and Con.