Clear Coats and Synthetic Top Coats



Based on a high quality acryl resin with UV-protection. Universally suitable for two-coat painting. Excellent resistance against weathering and yellowing, very high gloss and good
HS 2K Clear. Mipa 2K-HS-Clear coat C 85 is an acrylic clear coat in high-solid quality of high gloss. As result of its high solid content, when it is treated with Mipa 2K-MS-Härter a high coat thickness is reached. Therefore it is especially recommended for environment protective and economical two-coat painting. Excellent durability against all climatic circumstances, as well as chemical and mechanical resistance.
2K Clear for plastics. Elastifying 2 components clearcoat with medium-solid content suitable especially for a clear-over-base finish (Mipa BC and Mipa WBC) on plastic surfaces. It provides excellent weather resistance, non yellowing and high mechanical and chemical resistance. Satin gloss finish, specific for all usual plastic coatings.
1K C10 Acrylic Clear 1K-Acrylic clear coat with UV protection. Recommended as overcoat for two coat paintings. Good protection against weathering as well as good resistance at petroleum attack for short periods.
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