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MIPA PROTect Ultra 9H Ceramic Coating is a high-quality sealant with ceramic components for optimum protection. This ceramic coating provides a thick layer over the paint, protecting it from scratches, UV rays, rain, bird droppings, tar and chemical liquids. It provides an optimum high gloss.














MIPA PROTect Raincoat Windscreen Sealant is a coating for car windows with a water-repellent effect. This window coating ensures long-term protection against dirt, water, rain, tree resin and UV rays. Unlike other coatings, it remains on windows for a long time up to one year dependent on use.

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MIPA PROTect Easy Clean provides a thin, protective film over the paint. This thin protective layer ensures that the paint of the car is protected against scratches, bird droppings, fading and loss of gloss. It provides a permanent protection against UV radiation, simultaneously with a high chemical resistance and graffiti protection.




Mipa Protector Available now in black and tintable. Tintable version can replicate common automotive colours and industrial colours to acheive endless results, give us a call today to for further information.

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