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MIPA SE founded Mipa Coatings Pty Ltd as a fully owned Australian subsidiary. In contrast, the previous Mipa importer, Mipa Australia Pty Ltd., was a completely independent, family-run company.

Now the importer’s business has been taken over by MIPA SE and will be continued as a new company under the name Mipa Coatings Pty Ltd. Thus, MIPA secures the distribution channels in Australia in the long term and can further expand its local network of retailers.

The Mipa coating Pty Ltd site also has a training centre that will be used intensively in the future.

With a presence in the Australian market for more than 20 years and a constantly growing customer base, Mipa Coatings Pty Ltd is looking forward to an optimistic future.

German Quality. Australian Service.

Mipa Coatings is a national importer of Mipa Automotive and Industrial paints and we are pleased to announce we are seeking interest from operators around Australia to join the network of Mipa Paint Distributors.

Mipa paint systems are manufactured in Germany and have a long established recognition of exceptional quality and performance. When we combine these significant attributes with the fully supplied and serviced paint systems, Mipa can offer the complete one stop shop approach to your Automotive and Industrial requirements.

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